The Hollywood Education: It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life was full of valuable life lessons. Many of those lessons it never even intended to teach us. Things like: 1. In the good old days, everything was black and white. 2. Every time a bell rings, a cliche gets its wings. 3. Jumping off a bridge is dangerous…unless you’re jumping inContinue reading “The Hollywood Education: It’s A Wonderful Life”

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The Bone Fairies: A Short Story

The doctor sighed impatiently and checked her phone again. 3:57am. The delivery was late by nearly an hour now. She shivered in the chill autumn air, a sudden breeze making the hair on her arms stand at attention. She glanced down the long driveway and saw headlights swiftly making its way toward her. Ugh. Finally.Continue reading “The Bone Fairies: A Short Story”

The Hollywood Education: Based On A True Story

When a horror flick tacks the “based on a true story” line to their film, it kind of changes the mood of the film completely. You can hear people walk out of the theater saying “I can’t believe that actually happened!” What sort of mood would be set if these movies used the “based onContinue reading “The Hollywood Education: Based On A True Story”

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We are super excited to announce that we have officially launched a new podcast! Well…technically, it’s two podcasts…but what are semantics among friends? The first is Cocktail Cinema, a podcast where the boys talk about movies. With a featured drink in hand, they dive deep into what makes these movies work, or in some upcomingContinue reading “Check Out Our New Podcast!”

Representation: Meaty Metadata Episode One

Some folks call it the avatar, others call it the cipher, and others still call it the straight man, but whatever you call it, almost every story has a character the audience is supposed to identify with. This character is intended to be a point of reference for the audience, a touchstone that pulls themContinue reading “Representation: Meaty Metadata Episode One”