About Us

Josh Price: Just a writer trying to understand the narrative.

Josh Price is the name, and hopscotch is my game.

I’m a hometown author living in the suburbs of Chicagoland. Every story out there is a new lens through which to view the world, and I want to look through them all.I write fiction of various varieties, and I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes stories work and why it works. I like knowing the narrative rules, and more importantly, how to break them.

Sheila Arleas: Writer, Mother, Daydreamer

Hello! I’m a self-described socially awkward “Military Brat,” military spouse, mom, and nerd. I love reading, art, science, anime, and pretty much all things nerdy. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Medical Science, but enjoy flexing my creative muscles – er, um, organ? Brain. That’d be my brain.

Greg “Fozzy T.” The Optimistic Teddy Bear

Hi, my name is Greg, and you will find me sippin’ on some adult beverages and chillin’ with my homies on our podcasts. I’m a family man, and I pride myself on bringing a little bit of light, humor, and hope to the lives of those around me. In a world of Statlers and Waldorfs, I strive to be a Fozzy Bear. Wakka wakka, baby.

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