The Hollywood Education: War

War and combat have plagued our species for millenia. If you want to survive the reality that movies and television say we live in, you gotta learn to fight. But you can’t just learn to fight like any old goon. No, you’ve gotta learn how to fight…like a PROTAGONIST! Here’s five tips from tv and film to help you become the ultimate warrior.

1. It’s just you against a whole army? You can take ’em.

2. No matter how many times you have been shot, you will be fine.

3. You will always hit whatever you aim for; the enemy, however, has never used a gun before.

4. A long, drawn out conversation with the leader of the enemy forces is necessary before engaging in your final fight.

5. Also, when fighting the enemy leader, forgo guns (and all weapons, for that matter); hand-to-hand combat is the way to go.

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