The Hollywood Education: The Wolverine

The Wolverine was released four years after the best montage and worst Deadpool were paired in a single film. Returning to form and reminding us why Logan is such a badass, it had a lot to teach us. Here are ten (or technically seven) things 2013’s portrayal of The Wolverine showed us:

1. Don’t mess with the huge, jacked man named Hugh Jackman.

2. Even the robots in Japan are ninjas and samurais.

3. Do. Not. Mess with The Wolverine.

4. A fight on top of a bullet train is 10 times more awesome than a fight on a regular train.

5. Seriously, why are people still messing with Hugh Jackman? All he wants to do is retire in peace. Okay, maybe not peace, but he wants to retire.

6. Superheroes have very vivid dreams.

7. Beware the pretty woman; she’s a venomous supermutant trying to kill you about fifty percent of the time.

8. Samurai swords take two hands (and you thought I couldn’t be serious about anything…)

9. What happens after the credits is always way more interesting than the movie itself.

10. I do not want to pick a fight with Hugh Jackman…because….YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE F***ING WOLVERINE! GOSH. It’s like these guys didn’t watch X-Men. Or X2. Or Last Stand. Or…that one no one likes to talk about, but had a really cool opening montage.

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