The Hollywood Education: Honest Movie Taglines

We’ve all been lied to by Hollywood once or twice. We would all appreciate a little transparency when it comes to our media. No one likes going to the theater, expecting to see a certain kind of movie, only to find out twenty minutes in that the trailers deceived you. Our solution is simply to add honest movie taglines to every marquee. Here are some of our suggestions from films past.

The Great Escape: How Steve McQueen Saved Everyone.

Batman Begins: Do You Really Need More Information?

Superbad: We Probably Should Have Picked A Better Title.

No Country For Old Men: Remember How The Sopranos Ended?

Donny Darko: This Is Your Brain On Drugs.

Deliverance: Let’s Go Camping!

Saw: What Is Your Definition Of The Word “Game”?

Desperado: So…Like, Everyone Dies.

Rocky: If You Like This Film, We Have Scripts For 45 Of These Suckers.

The Breakfast Club: Detention Rocks!

Teen Wolf: Turning Into A Werewolf While Playing Basketball In Front Of A Large Crowd Will Not Freak Anyone Out, I Promise.

Friday The 13th: Camp Death In The Woods? Let’s Go There.

Half-Baked: Most Of Our Audience Was More Than “Half.”

The Blair Witch Project: Why Did You…What Just…I’m Not Quite Sure What’s Going On; Hold The Bloody Camera Still!

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