Check Out Our New Podcast!

We are super excited to announce that we have officially launched a new podcast! Well…technically, it’s two podcasts…but what are semantics among friends? The first is Cocktail Cinema, a podcast where the boys talk about movies. With a featured drink in hand, they dive deep into what makes these movies work, or in some upcoming cases, not work. The second is called Suburbanite Insight. There, the crew addresses topical subjects and attempts to make sense of the world while still maintaining their integrity and wicked senses of humor.

We will release one episode per week, usually on Sundays. Occasionally we’ll have some off-the-wall mini episodes for you on Wednesdays as well. Follow Josh, Greg, and Shosty (the best producer in the business) on all their various social media, and follow The Price Is Write on Facebook. There, you’ll find some cool BTS stuff like pics and videos of the recording sessions. With any luck, we will be able to increase the release schedule to twice a week next year.

We launched both of these projects under the name The Price Is Write. In the upcoming days, you will be able to find us on all the major podcast apps and sites, but for the time being, find us on Podbean. Remember to subscribe and write a review wherever you listen to podcasts, and please enjoy the madness!

Don’t forget to support us on Patreon! Follow the links down below to listen to the podcast, support the Patreon, and catch up on all of our other content.

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